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tv   Today  NBC  July 26, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on a glorious thursday morning live from london. it's the 26th day of july 2012 and the whole world is counting down to tomorrow's opening ceremony of the 30th olympiad. i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and natalie morales. matt had to take off because he had to practice for tomorrow's opening ceremonies. coming up here, one word, beefeater. and, now, we're not talking about gin. >> we're talking about the men
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who guard the tower of london. they have a long and storied history, not to mention a very spiffy uniform. >> hot on a day like today. >> actually, they're cotton. they're breathable. we'll talk about a man who lives here with his family. >> that's amazing. also coming up, we're going to do a little more cooking with celebrity chef jamie oliver. and later on we'll talk to some of the members of the men and women's water polo team. each are expected to compete for gold medals here in london. michelle kosinski has the latest olympic news. >> the game has begun. in order to fit all the soccer in, it needs to start early. women's match vez been held in scotland and wales giving the u.s. its first win of this
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olympics. in london tens of thousands again streamed into olympic stadium for another rehearsal of the opening ceremony. >> one person said trying to pull details out was tougher than locating the lost city of atlantis. and the torch was carried at one point by diana gold, 100 years old. at another, by prince charles and camilla, while athletes keep coming. and the u.s. wraps up a victory over france. britain's first national team ever also managed to win but the north korean team walked off the field at first, outraged they were introduced with a giant south korean flag. they returned once the correct flag was sewn and they won.
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a top runner suspended from the game after allegedly testing positive for a diuretic. >> and this greek athlete apologized for statements she tweeted saying she's ashamed. >> and muhammad ali took gold at the 1960s olympics back when he was cashes clay. >> i compare him to rocky who always gets up and at the end of the day is a winner. >> and this morning, they offer
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some inspiration of their own. and good news outside olympic park, an airport customs strike was averted and at least for now london traffic has not been quite so terrible as some have predicted. natalie? >> i can vouch for that. those imlick tracks, we want to go to hoda kotb. >> hi, everybody. a law enforcement source tells nbc news a package containing writing from james holmes about killing people. the university confirms it received the package on monday three days after the aurora shooting that killed 12 people. memorial services got under way wednesday for the victims. >> gun violence has become a big topic in presidential politics. president obama says he wants to work with members of both parties to reduce gun violence.
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mitt romney says changing the laws will not prevent gun-related tragedies like those in colorado. >> trustees of penn state university say unprecedented sanctions handed down last week by the ncaa are unfortunate and difficult but better than the so-called death penalty for the football tram. in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal, penn state was hit with a $60 million fine, a four-year bowl game ban, reduced football scholarship and had to forfeit 112 wins about 30 members of the football team are vowing to stick together and help rebuild the penn state football program. >> the littest on the ongoing jackson family feud. this morning paris jackson tweeted "grandma's here, thank you, god." katherine johnson was reported missing earlier in the week but
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was later found amid a bitter dispute over jackson's estate. she's commented the ruling was based on what she called a bunch of lies. >> court documents show traces of amen were found in the blood of kerrey kennedy. the daughter of senator robert kennedy and the ex-wife of governor andrew cuomo has proved not guilty. her doctor said the accident was caused by a seizure. >> a drought is gripping more than half of the u.s. con agriculture department economist said consumers are certainly going to feel it. >> a 17 pound lobster has been saved from the dinner plate. it had become a big attraction
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at the area, he bought it and released it into a secret location. he won't say how much he paid for lucky larry but said it was the most expensive lobster he never ate. >> in this small, determined dog decided to give a ride to his bess friend. you never know what you're going to see. >> hey, hall. you can see we got some dangerous storms. we have a risk of strong storms from central indiana all the way into new england. the risk of damages winds large hail and even part of the tornadoes in parts of northeast.
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you can see rainfall amounts anywhere from 2 to 4 inches, locally as much as 5 inch president iowa all the way into >> good morning.hern. the heat is back this afternoon. high temperatures will climb into the upper 90's. and that's your latest weather. now to one of the most iconic images of london. and we're talking about the beef eater. and the formal name of the men
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who are part of the towers of london, the yoeman warders. you live in the towers with your family and have been doing it for two years. >> yes. i live in the north wall of the tower. >> what's that like? >> it's like a little village. it's like a village community. there's a total of 225 people live here on a permanent basis. >> and what's theit like living here? >> it's an iconic history ourselves and we have the tours that come here as well and look
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after the security of the tower. >> now, you've got two young daughters, 4 and 6. what do they love about living here? >> the tower, the two little princesses of the tower. they live inside the walls and then are already turning. >> well, yes. >> you had to guard the yoman warter would guard prisoners. but that prisoner may actually do a little bit better than being a prisoner. >> you may well have come here as a prisoner. a couple of years later, you could be here as quick as quinn elizabeth. i was protecting that young principle at the time because four-years later, i find --
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>> it's good to be nice. yes. >> how many people are here. >> how does this compare to the london military? >> it's a lot of different. instead of obscure questions, you meet a lot of people. and i think there's things do you to be a part of it. >> and you're part of history. you answer questions, you know something about it. >> and we've been enlightened by you. thank you, thank you. >> and. >> reporter: ahead, whether you
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eh, eh eh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks. ♪ [ maine accent ] 50% more clams. it's a lobster, either way. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus, it's the card for people who like more cash. [ italian accent ] 50% more dough! what's in your wallet? >> back now in london with olympic noted british chef jamie oliver. back with the pasta you made earlier and you may be making
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more pasta for us later on. you are passionate about teaching kids how to eat well and eat rain. >> if you go to spain, italy, greece and see families and kids eating loads of different greens and salads. they're not telling them you have to eat these because they're healthy, they taste so good. >> if i may, i know it's super basic but there's a few keys to make it absolutely incredible. first thing, when you go to the supermarket, the farmer's market, look at the range of different tomatoes we have. you have green ones, small ones. the world's changed a bit so let's mix it up. a salad, i don't like it being geometric and perfect opinion let's have some slices, let have
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some hacks, some bold clanks. let's throw knife skills out. i want it to be rustic. when you see a greek, spanish nana making this thing, she's not thinking about the michelin award. she's thinking of making it taste good. we've got some basil, garlic -- found the living lay lights of it. >> in about ten seconds, al knew i was not going to bruise the oil out of the pocket. >> we're going to go in with a couple spoon of good red wine vinegar and three times as up olive oil.
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we've never made incredible sozioey ba sozioey -- so easy. in here i have basil. and this is the most amazing green color. and then we're going to toss like this. go for it, al. >> that didn't work out so well, did it? >> you know what, it tastes good when it's on the table. >> this looks like a problem. most importantly, how much have we taste? >> then we'll finish it off with a rustic salad. >> that dressing is amazing. >> i'll finish it off with basil, just to remind our friends what's in there. if you want to get feta or other
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cheese. >> how much time we we have left? >> a minute and 20 seconds. going to there, lovely. now, think of this. this og on a trust knee. each player's puffed, they're really, really good. wa we want to that is i want to try and save what my friend, mr. al roker has done. we're going to just chop up that famed salad, chilly, garlic it s in there. >> perfect. >> it's fresh packed so it will be cooked in 30, 40 seconds, maybe left. so i'm going to put this tomato that al kindly threw across half of london and i'm just going to turn it into a wonderful crudeio salad. i'm just reminding them that we're here.
9:20 am
when you drag that past pathel here. and the water and the oil, that water there is going to create the beautiful, macic sauce. if you'd pass me that bowl, we're going to make a very summer clean -- >> this seconds to go. 12 year oof been watching with you guys. >> and never missed a couple. >> i little town of gold. he, gold medal! >> al roker, you take the bronze today, my friend. what are you going to disrepardon the. and it will preview the must
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it's one unique cookie. coming up, you've already scored an invitation to play
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some water polo with the guys. coming up, we're going to meet some of the u.s. money's team. >> and more ways than ever to watch your olympic dreams come true by streaming. >> after your local news and weather. ♪ i know a blessing in disguise ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] you know the difference between paying more and getting more. that's value sense. at scott we're all about value. introducing the scott shared values program. get deals like free movie rentals, free admission to family attractions and more. use your value sense. sign up at work, errands, a greasy bag of deep-fried easy.
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on our most luxurious memory foam bed set... and two free coolfit pillows! plus, through saturday only, receive free shipping. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> the weather is changing. and the storm system has scattered showers and thunderstorms. this morning we will see some of that rain. during the afternoon, we could see more storm activity. [ barks ]
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oh, man, who can forget that, the opening ceremony in beijing. well, what surprises await the world tomorrow night? we're going to have a special preview tomorrow on "today" and international icon david beckham. >> whoo-hoo! >> live. a lot of the ladies happy about that. he's going to be here live. >> all right! >> we can plan our kday.
9:31 am
i'm sorry, it's exciting. also exciting, i'm going to get to talk to the women's gymnastics team. they're favored to win gold. >> and we have mitt romney. >> and the first lady. >> a lot going on. >> meanwhile, coming up in this half hour, we're going to be talking about why this is the most high-tech olympics ever. it's probably the most social olympics and we're not talking about the socializing going on over at athlete's village. >> oh, do tell. >> we're going to be talking about how people are going to be following some of the results as well. >> okay, now we're going to shop. we're going to check out some of the hottest souvenirs. >> what will be the red mittens? >> i got a really cool umbrella.
9:32 am
i'm happy i haven't had to use it. >> i digress. >> attack are heather petri is making her fourth olympic appearance. congratulations to both of you. you guys last time around in beijing felt you didn't so win silver, you lost the gold. what did you mean? >> a lot of people don't understand when you're in the gold medal game, why you come is to win the gold medal. it's hard to accept you lost the gold medal. you did something spectacular but you really lost the gold. >> heather, the women's team is so strong. i also heard of the 18, six of eight could be in some medal contention. it's a very competitive tournament. >> i believe this year all the games will be a 1-point game. i do is a lot of faith in our team and i think we can pull it
9:33 am
out. it's going to be fun. >> and what goes into your water polo? i understand you women and end up losing 5 to 10 pounds? >> a lot of swimming, a lot of grabbing underneath the water. we can't touch the bottom. >> wow. you can wrestle people. >> we understand why people think you have such a good shot this year. you have a lot of the players are returning. >> we have about 12 of 18. you. >> started playing water poll owe with the boys. >> i did. my sophomore year in high school i started with the boys. we started a girls team after
9:34 am
that at my high school. >> favorite song? acdc. >> kelly clarkson's "stronger." >> we're called the bird man, partly because of your wing span. >> i don't want to hit you. >> but also you do bird calls. >> yup. you want a bird call right now? >> yes! >> are you going to try with me? >> yes. >> you're on your own. >> mccaw, mccaw! >> and you say that kind of intim dates opponents. >> after a big block, i'll get all enthusiastic. i do that after the game, i get a little crazy so watch, watch. >> well, guys, thank you so much. we're all rooting for you. we cannot wait -- when is your
9:35 am
first match? >> can't wait. thank you! >> everybody together. . >> for today we're looking at strong storms along the mid-atlantic coast, along the northeast and stretching back into the west. tomorrow a lot of storms down along the southeast gulf coast and pacific northwest. saturday storms along the eastern seaboard. look for sunshine out west where it's going to be nice and toasty. sunday we're expecting nor warm weather along the gulf coast. mild in the pacific northwest. we have
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>> good morning. temperatures will make it into the upper 90's. there is a slight chance for some scattered showers. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up, why these olympics may be the most social games ever, right after this. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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. they're expecting 5.5 million fans to attend the olympic games and billions more watching on tv. but not just television, social media has revolutionized the way we watch the olympics. not long ago this is how folks watched the olympics. my how things have changed. with an explosion in facebook, twitter, instagram, these are being called the most social games ever. >> you have tons of applications, sons of devices, people are used to sharing. the expectation is high that we expect. if we're in london, people expect to see what's happening in london. >> and you might want to throw
9:41 am
on a pair of 3-d glasses because some viewers can get an up close and personal experience with 3-d. and for the first time nbc will live stream every event in every sport. >> this is the nbc live extra app. this gives you access to live video content on tablet, laptops, hand-held phones. you'll be able to scroll through so many different feeds to see so many different things happening in realtime, it's just really cool. >> even the famed london eye is going social, changing colors to reflect the mood of people tweeting about the olympics. so log on, tune in and let the games begin! oh, sorry. coming up next the fancy moves of the u.s. men's wrestling team right after this. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters,
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team usa has won olympic gold in men's wrestling in each of the last two games and here in london they're going to try to make it three in a row. gentlemen, good morning! >> good morning. >> i know you just got here today, right? >> yes, just got here today. it's awesome to finally be here. >> you still have a little jet lag? >> just a little bit. i'm excited to be here, beautiful weather, a lot going on. i'm excited to be around the best athletes in the world.
9:46 am
>> what it like for you? >> yesterday i had the stomach flu. i'm just getting back up today. i'm going to enjoy the experience tomorrow, opening ceremonies. >> it's a good thing your events are not till the end of the games. you have plenty of time to recover and practice until then. jordan, you are favored to win. you've won two. the u.s. has won a gold medal in the last two olympics. is there a lot of pressure for you? >> i don't think so. i hold myself to a high standard already. i'm having fun with it. it's my first liolympic game. i'm going out to win gold. >> and you had two concussions, broken ankle, two knee surgeries. what was it that motivated you through all of that? >> my mom. the attitude that she raised me with. everything was always good. she always made it seem like
9:47 am
there was nothing wrong. that was the attitude i carried on in my legacy. i still use it to this day. when everything is wrong, i'm always optimistic and there's really nothing wrong in my eyes. >> that's great. on twitter the viewers were asking us who were the people who motivated you to keep going. your parents clearly had a big influence. >> yes. >> anybody else? >> definitely my parents. i guess it's a cliche answer to say your parents but the athletes well. i'm inspired by the other athletes as well. he definitely inspires me. >> what goes into being an olympic athlete? for the kids at home, they're going to see you guys and be so inspired. they're going to compete in their sports. how do they get there? >> a lot of hard work, a lot of discipline. it's taken a lot of sacrifice and commitment to get to this point in our career.
9:48 am
anything is possible. dream big. >> ellis, you have a signature move. there are two flying squirrels at this olympic team, gabby douglas on the u.s. gymnastics team and you have a flying squirrel. up made it up. what does it mean? >> my brother and i made it up. i hit it up on the senior level and it worked. i continued to use it then. in the junior worlds i wrestled an iranian and i hit it. i snap my opponent down -- >> fly on him like that? >> it counts for a lot of points i hear, right? >> it does. >> gentlemen, so good to catch up with you guys. good luck. good luck with training. and i know you didn't get to meet your idol. hopefully after this olympics
9:49 am
he'll want to meet you. >> still to come, the must-have souvenirs of these olympicly
9:50 am
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♪ notebooks and jeans! announcer: school takes a lot, target has it all. welcome back to london. in vancouver the must-had item was -- what is going to be the must have item this year? here is a look at some of the souvenirs. good morning. >> very british. we should say full disclosure you're an aussie but you've been writing about all things british for a long time. >> when i met the queen i said i'm worried your corgi might mate with my leg. she laughed so hard, her head went back and her crown fell off. >> now, i didn't just do a weird costume change but this is actually one of the souvenirs from the game, stella mccartney
9:52 am
designed some of the shirts, is that right? >> she is a fashion icon and weep adore her but this is selling for 42 pounds. >> it's a faux pas, especially when you're wearing two shirts. >> i think that's sort of siberia. >> what do you like? >> we do like the little cars. we've got the double-decker cars. it's very iconic for london because the streets are so anorexic. when you're in the top level, you can look into everybody's bedrooms. and the taxi. the taxi drivers here have like a psychological set nerve, they have to learn every street, unlike new york. and the one i really like, this is really iconic london from the 60s. >> that's cute. >> and mothers don't have to worry when their girls go out in
9:53 am
a car like this because you can't get in the back seat. >> we like that! >> all of these are the official licensed products of the game? >> they're really cracking down. >> they have been cracking down. there's been a lot of illegal things. >> i think they should have some more things, maybe a stuffed corgi, more animated than the royal family. >> and what they are wearing. >> this t-shirt is quite lovely. and he sets it off so beautifully. >> he does. >> and this one is like i'm having a hangover. whoa! >> that's very psychedelic. >> what's in the hand? >> the torch. >> this is going to be the hot item of these games, right? >> i thought great, a torch because in england it's so dark all the time. in the winter you have to go around by braille, it's dark all day. but it doesn't light up. is it going to be on the mantle
9:54 am
gathering dust or is it going to be in the land fill? >> what about mandeville? >> it's supposed to represent a drop of steel from the industrial revolution but really it's a little bit tragic. >> my kids would want it. him they always want. >> i think we should have had a mini elton john in a tiara. >> thank you so much. and coming up tomorrow we're going to have a preview of the opening ceremonies. i'm going to talk to the women's gymnastics team. have a great day, everybody. here's a look at your local weather. ♪ ♪ >> i'm going to hit the button!
9:55 am
and here we go! >> stick your foot up. higher. >> the sprinkler, we're working on our own moves. >> whoa! [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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